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Automatic Doors

Automatic Doors
Automatic doors provide for the convenient movement of people along with energy saving properties.
Depending on the building that the doors are to be fitted in, there are a number of automatic door solutions available.
Automatic sliding doors
Automatic sliding doors are available in a number of guises. Single slide doors are a single panel door that slides to one side. Bi-part sliding doors are two door panels that slide apart in opposite directions and provide a much wider opening than the single slide door. Telescopic sliding doors can be used in situations where a wider opening is required but the space to the side of the opening is limited.
Sliding doors are an efficient way to accommodate two way traffic or used where directional traffic control is required, with one side for entry and the other for exit.
Automatic sliding doors will normally include safety devices to prevent them closing when an obstruction is present in the opening and can have options for being held open and manual override operation.

Automatic Swing Doors

Automatic Door
Automatic swing doors open in a conventional manner but are fitted with sensors to detect the presence of a person, and when person is present, they open. Safety sensors are normally fitted to ensure that the door will not operate is an object is detected in the area of the swing.
Automatic swing doors are a good solution for directional traffic. Typically one door is for entry and another for exit.
To prevent the doors swinging into a person or object, safety barriers are required to be fitted at the extent of the door swing.

Automatic Folding Doors
Automatic folding doors are normally used where there is a limit of opening space and a low throughput of traffic. Single fold doors are suitable for directional traffic, whereas bi-folding doors are suitable for two-way traffic.
Whichever type of automatic door you require, there are a number of other aspects that you should take into account.
Wind load where the prevailing wind conditions dictate, the doors should be approved to withstand certain wind conditions without becoming damaged or inoperative.
Quality there are strict regulations and manufacturing standards that are required. All doors need to be CE marked and compliant with the latest safety regulations.
Safety All automatic doors must be fitted with devices that prevent injury to people or damage to goods, and should also have manual over-rides for emergency situations.
At ID Security Systems we install only the highest quality automatic doors and can help and advise you on the best solution to your needs. For a Free survey call 046 9073964.

Automatic Door Services
Automatic doors are complex components subject to punishing wear and tear.
To ensure that they continue to function as they should, regular service and maintenance is imperative.
Regular door maintenance helps prevent accidents, reduces breakdowns and the accompanying inconvenience, and prolongs the life of the door.
ID Security Systems repairs and maintains automatic doors and provides a comprehensive service to ensure that your doors stay open, operating correctly and safely for your customers.
With your doors being the first visual impression a customer gets of your business it is vitally important that they operate efficiently as well as reliably.
There are also legal implications regarding the servicing of all door types which must be adhered to, to ensure the safety of all users.

Automatic Door Servicing Meath Dublin

Automatic Door Servicing and EN16005
Automatic Doors are legally required to be serviced annually to EN16005 specifications to verify they are safe and secure.

The EN16005 is the standard that all automatic and powered doors should adhere to. This standard states that automatic doors should be regularly serviced by professionally trained and knowledgeable engineers.

ID Security Systems provide maintenance and repair for all makes of doors including the installation of replacements when necessary. ID Security Systems can service all types including sliding, swing, and space-saving, folding as well as revolving doors.