Pay on Foot Car Parking Revenue Systems

Pay On Foot Parking Systems
Pay On Foot Parking Revenue Systems

The ID Security Systems Pay on Foot system provides revenue and control over your parking facilities, with the with automated payment station designed with functionality and use friendliness in mind. The Pay on Foot Pay station unit is capable of working independently or as part of a wider networked system. Various standard cards and tickets are accepted through the pay station's single slot making transactions.
Customized tariffs and a wide range of payment methods (coins, bank notes, and credit & debit cards) facilitate and allow secure and fast payment transactions. The system is capable of serving a single or multiple car parks all connected via independent networks.

• Pay On Foot Car Parking Systems
• Coin Notes & Card Operated
• Multiple Pay Stations Self-Managed
• Card Reader & Intercom Integration
• PC Based or Stand Alone Systems

Pay On Foot Parking Systems Dublin Meath

Pay On Foot Parking Revenue Systems

The ID Security Systems Pay and Display Car Parking Systems are state of the art revenue machines, available in both Mains Powered and Solar Powered versions, available as a coin only machine or with a number of alternative and additional options.
OPTIONS Change Issuing. Bank Note Acceptor. Basic Credit/Debit Card Facility. Chip & Pin Credit/Debit Card Facility. In order to accept credit/debit cards machines must be networked to a Central Management Computer.
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• Coin Only or & Bank Notes
• Chip & Pin Acceptor

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