Gate Servicing & Maintenance

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A service and maintenance contract for your security system is equivalent to regular servicing and breakdown cover for your car. Regular preventative inspections are backed-up with a rapid prioritised 24-hour response if required.

Automatic gate and barrier systems are generally exposed to all weather conditions and varying levels of use. As with all automation equipment a maintenance program will ensure the longest possible life of the equipment. ID Security Systems provide annual renewable maintenance contracts, which are detailed below.

Every maintenance / service visit will include:

  • Full service and maintenance checks where any faulty components can be repaired or replaced pray and lube all mechanical parts
  • Clean circuitry of dust and insects’ nests
  • Testing and diagnostics of safety devices
  • Adjustments of gate/barrier hardware such as rollers and hinges
  • Re-align gate/barrier
  • Check and clean gate/barrier
  • The cost of all labour and consumables used for the service (excludes cost of parts)
  • Force test carried out accompanied by a force test report sheet
  • Maintenance and fault report sheets with every site visit

ID Security Systems offer not only our standard types of contracts, but can tailor a specific contract to your unique requirements if these do not suit. We recognise the importance of offering a flexible solution best suited to our clients needs.

Service Contracts

Once your gates and automation have been installed and you are enjoying their many benefits, it is all too easy to forget about putting in place a service plan. As with anything electrical or mechanical, regular servicing and maintenance ensures many years of reliable service and also helps to prevent future problems arising. After all, you wouldn’t drive your new car out of the showroom and not bring it back for a service within the first couple of years, so why invest money in an automation system and not have it looked after properly? To counter this problem ID Security Systems have introduced a scheme which guarantees fixed price servicing and breakdown cover for your automated gate and associated systems. This provides for regular servicing of your automated gate system as well as insuring against labour costs in the event of any malfunction. Whilst we already give priority to existing customers, due to the increasing number of automated gate systems it is becoming increasingly more difficult to provide timely and effective service cover.

Joining the scheme will bring you the peace of mind that comes from knowing that:

  • Your system has been regularly serviced thus maximising long term reliability
  • The electrical and mechanical safety mechanisms have been regularly tested
  • The emergency release system will operate properly in case of a power failure
  • You only have to make one phone call should your system need attention
  • Your service call will take priority over non-scheme customers
  • All labour costs have been fixed and paid in advance (you only pay for any parts required)

What’s included?

  • Lubrication of all mechanical parts and check for oil leaks
  • Check gate alignment and hinges
  • Check electrical connections
  • Torque settings
  • Safety release option
  • Safety beam operation and cleaning
  • Control unit cleaning
  • Radio remote operation checks

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